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Physiotherapists use Pilates exercises as a part of a patient’s treatment programme.  As well as benefiting general fitness, this exercise method plays a key role in the prevention and rehabilitation of spinal and other joint and muscle problems.  What’s more, the exercises can be adapted to just about any person, no matter what their fitness level and ability.

pilates winsford

Our physiotherapists are trained in Pilates instruction by the Australian Association of Physiotherapy and Pilates (APPI) and offer one-to-one customised programmes for clients.  Our physiotherapist and Pilates specialist Jana Mikulova also offers Pilates classes for patients and the general public in Winsford and Manchester.

Originally founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates has become an extremely popular method of exercising.  This mind-body conditioning programme targets the deeper muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve strength, spinal stability and posture.
Some of the benefits can include:
• Improved fitness e.g. strength and core stability, flexibility and balance
• Postural correction
• Body mind conditioning
• Relaxation
• Reductions in pain
• Ante- and post-natal rehabilitation and conditioning

For more information about one-to-one programmes and classes, contact the clinic.

To book on to a class, contact Jana directly on 07703 736076 or email

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